Botox And Other Neuromodulators


Botox And Other Neuromodulators


Visibly Reduce Facial Lines

Neuromodulators offer many benefits and uses. They visibly reduce signs associated with aging or skin damage. In medicine, they may be used as a treatment option for patients suffering from migraines, bladder problems, and chronic muscle spasms.

Highness offers an array of FDA-approved neuromodulators including Botox, Dysport Xeomin, and Jeuveau. All of these toxins work identically by relaxing the muscles. Regularly scheduled use of these neuromodulators helps slow the appearance of facial lines with every use. (The more you get now, the less you’ll need later)

Can reduce appearance of:

Forehead lines

These lines deepen with time and may require more advanced treatments such as fillers.

Droopy eyes

injections in the outer corners of the eyes may reduce the droopy appearance of the eyes, giving a more defined appearance without the surgery.

Crows Feet

(lines around end corners of the eyes)

Bunny lines

(lines on each side of the nose)

Smoker’s lines

( lines above the lips)

Frown lines

(lines between the eyebrows, the 11 sign)

Gummy smile or smile lines

( showing excessive gum during smile)

Neckband lines
Excessive sweating

Excessive axillary sweating can be a nuisance for most of us. Neuromodulators can help eliminate this problem.

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